Hall of Fame & Life Members

​​​​​​​To be named as an Inductee to the Baseball New Zealand Hall of Fame or as a Life Member of Baseball New Zealand is a huge and prestigious honour and as expected, only a select few have so far had either of these honours bestowed upon them.

​​​​​​​Hall of Fame

The Baseball New Zealand Hall of Fame was first introduced in 2016 at the organisations inaugural Awards Evening and it was a great priviledge to induct the very first Hall of Famer, Ed Mason. Ed is credited with founding the modern game of baseball in 1989 and led the way for what the game has become in this country today. In 2017, Life Member and Baseball New Zealand Director John Fellet was inducted into the hall of fame for his tireless work both as a coach for his beloved Howick-Pakuranga club and numerous age group representative teams and latterly as a Board Member. In 2018, John and Ed were joined by Glenn Campbell, another tireless worker who has coached, umpired and administered the game of baseball for over 30 years.

​​​​​​​Ed Mason (2016)

Hall of Fame Inscription

The Founder of the Modern Game of Baseball in New Zealand. From his North American beginnings, Ed’s love of sport and his joy in seeing young people succeed led him to formally put the sport of baseball on the map of New Zealand sports in 1989, leading the sport’s early days with a calm demeanor and sense of humor that helped ensure the game’s start was built on good faith—and good baseball.  Ed continues to support baseball and his beloved Ice Hockey and regularly attends baseball events, tournaments and games and the first game of every new Auckland baseball season is played for the Ed Mason Trophy.

​​​​​​​John Fellet (2017)

Hall of Fame Inscription

A mountainous CV in New Zealand baseball history, both on the field and off, which shows no signs of abating, John thought he left baseball behind in his native Arizona when he arrived in the country. Soon, he would become one of its greatest contributors, going far beyond the call of duty, winning five national championships in the men’s premier grade in ten total finals appearances and leading a national U21 team to its best placing in Australia’s top tournament for this age grade. Off the field, no one has pushed the sport further into the public sphere, while consistently helping individual players and coaches reach their goals through a contribution of resources, knowledge and his time. This years inductee hails from Arizona in the United States and has given his all to Baseball in New Zealand in both coaching and governance roles. He has coached his beloved Howick-Pakuranga team to four New Zealand Championships, coaching many of this country’s top players along the way from childhood right through to playing professionally and internationally for the New Zealand Diamondblacks. He has also found time to play an influential role on the Board of Directors for Baseball New Zealand for many years, an achievement in itself given his high profile job as Chief Executive of SKY Television, assisting Baseball New Zealand to get not only World Baseball Classic games on to our television screens, but also key Oceania tournaments and this year televising live the play off and final games at the National U13 Ripken Championships.

​​​​​​​Glenn Campbell (2018)

Hall of Fame Inscription

Baseball scouts have a phrase when trying to describe a potential prospect. They use the term “a 5 Tool Player”. By this they mean a player who can hit for average, for power, who can run fast, field well and who has a strong throwing arm.
In looking for candidates for the New Zealand Baseball Hall of Fame we are also looking for 5 tool players—individuals who have coached, who have administered the game, umpired, given their time over a long period and who have given their financial support to our great game.
This year’s inductee to the New Zealand Baseball Hall of Fame certainly qualifies as 5 tool player.
He and his two boys converted from cricket to baseball in 1994, and this is when Glenn Campbell became involved with Howick Baseball and served as president during its formative years. In 1999 he stepped up his game and also served as chairman of Baseball New Zealand during a crucial 4 year period. And to complete his trifecta of chairmanships, he then served as chairman of the Auckland Baseball Association.
He has been a head coach for both an under 13s and Under 16s teams who found early success overseas, and for many years he tirelessly gave up his weekends to umpire baseball games at all levels of the sport.
In spite of these efforts, perhaps his greatest contribution to the game of baseball in New Zealand is siring his two sons, Aaron and Scott Campbell, two of the leading standouts the program has ever produced.
May I present to you this year’s inductee to the New Zealand Baseball Hall of Fame…Glenn Campbell.

​​​​​​​Life Members​​​​​​​

Life Members

Wayne McCullough

From founding a leading Auckland club to coaching domestic and international teams of all ages and serving on committees and boards, Wayne has ‘suited’ up as much as any coach in the nation’s history to ensure that if a child wants to learn about the sport of baseball, someone will be there to teach and instruct. Wayne’s determination to see baseball’s grassroots take hold will be remembered by generations of those he influenced on the diamond.

Keith Wilson

Serving in every capacity over two-plus decades in baseball in New Zealand, from guiding young people on the diamond to patrolling the nation’s and world’s diamonds as a leading New Zealand umpire, Keith’s dedication to the sport, his humble nature and his perfect temperament for the sport will be forever honoured in New Zealand Baseball as one of the early pioneers of the modern game.

Chris Tanner

A constant presence on baseball fields across Auckland, helping every young person in need or those wishing to become better ballplayers, Chris has always been the first to lend a hand, as an umpire, a coach and mentor to all who have wanted to learn, play, umpire, coach and volunteer in the nation’s baseball community.

Noel Davies

Taking on several key leadership roles in a long history with the sport that continues today, Noel has for many years championed the growth of the game from the boardroom as well as the dugout, leading the charge across the country and putting in place a sound government and structure to guide the sport of baseball into the future while influencing the next generation of baseball leaders through his dedication and commitment to the sport.

David Sinclair

Taking a leading role in the club scene in Auckland, David has put in as much time as anyone in the sport’s history in the key role of umpire, ensuring the sport stays true to its rules and regulations, as well as its discipline and integrity, while also assisting with Little League and club development over two-plus decades of dedication to the sport.

John Stephney

In multiple leadership roles on and off the field, John has brought a strong voice to the sport, taking on key roles in establishing clubs, regional associations and teams across Auckland, working to ensure that the game’s foundation is tangible and the sport accessible for thousands of young people.

John Fellet

As an elder statesman in the sport, John has generously donated countless hours and resources to help propel the sport forward, using his knowledge of the sport from a childhood in the game to coach hundreds of young players, winning domestic championships, while bringing his business acumen, connections and influence to ensure that players, coaches and volunteers alike are recognized for their talent and work in the sport.

Glenn Campbell

Understanding the necessity of hard work, discipline and commitment in the sport of baseball, Glenn pushed all around him to believe that baseball could be a pathway for many New Zealand ballplayers and others in the sport, while working in numerous leadership roles at the club, regional and national levels to bring a much needed consistency and passion to the sport of baseball from its start.

Mike Rielly

A true Kiwi trailblazer in the sport of baseball, and quite possibly a man who has loved the sport of baseball as much as anyone in the nation, Mike has taken this passion to foreign shores—first as a player and then a coach. While continuing to play in domestic competitions, Mike lent his considerable experience to hundreds of young ballplayers at all age grades and at nearly every club in Auckland, giving his time and knowledge to the next generation of New Zealand ballplayers, winning national championships and big regional games, and improving them as young men and women along the way.

Life Member & Hall of Fame Nominations

Life membership is an honorary position reserved for those individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to baseball in New Zealand.

Nominations for Life Membership can be made by any Board member, any member of Baseball New Zealand or any affiliated baseball club.  Nominations must be received in writing, to the Baseball NZ Board no later than 31st March each year.  All nominations should include the full detail of the contribution the nominee has made towards baseball in New Zealand.  The Baseball NZ Board will review and consider all nominations annually.  A final vote will be undertaken at the Board meeting immediately prior to the AGM.

  • Life Member Nominations Close  -  31st March
  • All nominations to be sent to the Baseball NZ Board via the CEO by emailing:  megan@baseballnewzealand.co.nz